​​                                                                Welcome! I’m Heather Johnson PTA, CMT and Owner of Mind and Body Massage and Wellness.  I have been practicing therapeutic massage since 2005, and earned my degree as a physical therapist assistant in 2010. I love doing massages for many reasons but the main reason is that I get to make a difference in my clients’ lives.

When I first started college, I needed a better job to pay for tuition. Not having much direction, I decided to go to massage school because it was in the healthcare field and therapists made a decent living. The first few years were tough because you only got paid when a client was on the table, and without a built up client base, it wasn’t as lucrative as I thought it would be, so I decided to expand my skills in St Catherine University’s physical therapist assistant program.

While in PTA school, a few established clients found me and asked if I could do massage for them at their homes.  Before I knew, my client list grew and grew and I had a budding business before my eyes.  Having both my PTA degree and massage certificate, I was able to cater to a massage demographic not otherwise seen in the traditional studios. 

I take pride in working with any client, but having the skills to work with a chronic pain client, someone with decreased mobility, or post-surgical client is where my passion lies.  I also believe that people should have the choice of having a professional massage in their home if they prefer and that it should be affordable. 

As of September 2015 I have also become a STAR oncology rehabilitative therapist.  I will be able to safely and effectively provide comprehensive care for the oncology patient.

I thank you for taking the time to read my story and I am sure that you find that I have the skills required to help you feel your best!

                                                                                 Warmly, Heather Johnson PTA, CMT​

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