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NOTE: This is a Studio and Not a Mobile massage business.

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Jasna Burza / JB Coaching   "I am extremely active and have always looked for a therapist that would give me a "real" massage. I have some serious knots in my back and I often need someone who can really "get in there"and allow my body to relax at the same time. Meet Heather! Her sessions are relaxing, for sure, but she is serious about addressing the pain and discomfort of her clients! She offers the most therapeutic and pleasant deep tissue massage that I've ever experienced and I always feel sooooo much better after seeing her. She is professional, reliable and extremely pleasant. Heather comes to your home, sets up everything and I just have to show up. It is amazing to get such great massage without even leaving my home, especially right after having kids. I highly recommend Heather - you cannot go wrong!"

Loretta Manula / Accountant  "I heard about Heather through my physical therapist, and was thrilled to hear that she not only did in-home massage, but that she had a knowledge of fibromyalgia pain. I have had fibro for many years, and suffer from constant pain, especially in my back. A massage from Heather always provides some much needed relief from this pain. If I could afford it, I would have weekly massages from Heather. She is awesome, and I would highly recommend her!"

Claire Haskell / Director of Global Solutions  "I didn't know in-home massage was a thing until someone recommended Heather's services. Now I don't see myself going back to the spa for a massage.  First of all, the massage itself was one of the best I've ever had. Relaxing, for sure. But, more importantly, Heather really worked all the tension and knots out of my muscles. One of those rare therapeutic massages that goes deep enough to address all your issues but still leaves you feeling so good. 
Secondly, it's the most convenient way to get a massage. I made the appointment via text then I just went home after work and she was there waiting for me (right on time). She brings the whole set up, table, electric blanket, towels, music, oil. She even has this oil dispenser thing attached to her so it feels like she never takes her hands off you the entire time. When it was over, she packs up and leaves and I don't need to make myself presentable or drive anywhere. Already home and relaxed."

Sabrina Finlay / CEO at Otabo  "Heather is nothing short of amazing!  My body has been a wreck - past injuries, 16 hour work days, economy class travel. One session with Heather turned a lot of that around. She has this incredible knack for making serious therapeutic treatments a completely relaxing experience. 
And I love that she sets up in your home. Heated massage table, soft blankets, music - the works. Nothing kills a relaxing massage more than having to lug your tired self home after a sleep-inducing session. When my session with Heather is over, I can climb right into bed. It's so perfect!
Best massage experience I've had in years. Highly, highly recommended."

Bob Koehler / Business Consultant  "As both a trained massage therapist and physical therapist Heather provides so much more than just a generic massage.  As a high level athlete I benefit even more from her knowledge of how to work with strained or pulled muscles which shortens my healing time.  My wife loves how she can work the kinks out of her body as she stands most of the day in her work and gets sore feet, legs and lower back.  The fact that she also comes to our home is a great bonus.  How wonderful to finish a massage in the comfort of your own home instead of getting dressed and having to fight traffic back home.  We're pretty big fans."

Julie Lesota / Resolution Specialist  "I am thrilled to say that Heather has been my massage therapist for the past five years.  Her background as a physical therapist assistant provides her with the springboard to customize a massage to deal with so many issues.  She is my 'go to' massage therapist that comes to me!!  It doesn't get much better than  that!  I have a chronic health issue that creates the need for massage therapy at least once a month and I am so glad that I can always count on Heather and Mind and Body.  I have referred friends and family to Heather and everyone I refer just loves her.  I highly recommend Mind and Body Therapeutic In Home Massage.  Thank you Heather!"

Bob Lundberg / Chaplin  "I have received monthly massage therapy from Heather at Mind & Body Massage from the inception of her practice. Heather continues to bring new knowledge to each session, has helped relieve the symptoms of my neuropathy and has loosened my muscles from their tendency to build up knots during the month with her deep tissue massage techniques. Heather asks about my health the past month and directs her attention to anything that I discuss with her. She also provides guidance on how I can care for aches and pains by myself throughout the month. Heather is very personable, a skilled therapist and caring person. I have gone to the chain massage businesses; however, have not come across a massage therapist as skilled, client centered and flexible as Heather. I highly recommend her."

Vivika Olander / Office Manager / Forensic Data Analyst at Twist Film  "Heather is amazing. She made me feel very comfortable from the very beginning. I have never had a massage give me instant relieve before. Heather leaves no stone unturned. She found knots I didn't know I had and fixed my broken parts! She even gave me exercises to strengthen my shoulder. Heather is a true angel of mercy and a true treasure. I hesitate to tell you how awesome Heather really is; I won't be able to get an appointment with her. So, Im NOT going to tell you she is the best there is!!!!"

Rita Kach  /  Retired  "Heather has healing hands! Besides her exceptional knowledge of massage, she is a trained physical therapist assistant.  I have trusted her to help me recover from several orthopedic surgeries including my recent back fusion.  Following her massage, I was able to turn over in bed with significantly less pain! Thanks a million."